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Adolescent & Teen 
Health Screening

Your Child's Health

Children grow up much faster than most parents realise and face unique challenges of “finding themselves” in today’s fast-moving world.  We recommend routine health checks at around age 10 or 11 and through their teenage years, paying attention  to normal growth and development especially during puberty when physical and hormonal changes can be challenging.

What to expect

1. Physical Examination

  • Check weight and height to determine body mass index (BMI)/ obesity

  • Check against growth chart (which varies with gender, race and country of birth)

  • Check child's blood pressure, and also listen to heart and lung

  • Check vision and hearing

2. Growth and development

  • Physical development - checking the back for any curvature of the spine

  • Look for signs of puberty (oily skin/ acne, breast development in girls, body hair)


3. Check Immunizations

  • Standard Childhood Immunisation programme and other vaccines e.g., HPV

4. Laboratory Test (Basic only, and if required)

  • Full Blood Count (Blood disorders and anaemia) and Urine Test

  • Biochemistry (Kidney, liver and thyroid function; cholesterol, blood sugar, hormones.


5. Counselling

  • Physical Health issues - nutrition, diet, sleep, physical activity

  • Mental Health issues - stress, depression, eating disorders

  • Social Issues – smoking/substance abuse,

  • Pubertal Changes and Sex Education (upon request by parent)

COST (excluding GST)

Consultation w/ GP Doctor $100

Standard Blood tests          $300 - $500

Allergy Testing                    $500* (& above)

Bone-age Determination    $60*

*If necessary & on request

OTHERS (excluding GST)

Vaccination against HPV   $780 (**3 doses taken at month 0,1 & 6)

**If taken before age 15, 2 doses may be sufficient. Vaccine protects against cervical cancer in girls and is also approved for use in boys as it protects against anal and throat cancer

Specialist Consultation     $300 - $600

(Referral provided on request, Please pay directly at Specialist Clinic) 

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