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Sinopharm Vaccine 

Sinopharm COVID-19 Vaccine 

The Sinovac vaccine uses an inactivated COVID-19 virus to teach your body's immune system to make antibodies against the actual COVID-19 virus.  The World Health Organisation (WHO) has validated Sinopharm for emergency use in persons aged 18 and above as the known benefits outweigh the possible risks. While there is insufficient data to assess its safety in pregnant women, WHO concluded that as the vaccine is an inactivated vaccine similar to others used in pregnancy, its use is recommended when benefits outweigh the risks. Pregnant women, especially those aged 35 and above or who have medical conditions are at higher risk of developing severe COVID-19. Its use in breastfeeding mothers is also recommended on a similar basis.


While the routine use of blood tests to check the response of our body's immune system to the vaccine (serology) is not recommended, these tests are available for those who wish to do so. These include:

  • Anti-S Test:  a numeric count of all binding antibodies against the "Spike" or "S" antigen found on the virus.

  • cPass Test:  tests for presence of neutralizing antibodies against the specific section of the "S" antigen that penetrates cells. 

  • Anti-N Test: tests for antibodies against a different part of the virus which may be induced after natural infection or inoculation with inactivated vaccine.

*    Besides an antibody response, our body also has other methods of protecting itself against viruses. Antibody tests do not equate to protection.

** mRNA vaccines target only the S antigen and anti-N tests in these patients will be negative whereas some patients using inactivated vaccines 

 may get a positive response to the anti-N test.


What to expect

  • No alcohol 24 hours before visit 接种疫苗前一天不要饮酒

  • Light meal 3 hours before appointment time 预约时间3个小时前吃清淡⻝品,不建议空腹

  • Vaccination by certified nurse 由专业护士接种疫苗

  • Remain for 30 minutes observation 必须在诊所逗留观察30分钟

  • Confirm date of next appointment 预约第二剂疫苗的日期和时间


  • For individuals 18 years and above only 科兴疫苗只限于18岁以上

  • Please declare your medical history and if you have any allergies 请如实申报病史及任何过敏症

  • Please disclose vaccination status 请如实申报之前接受过的任何冠状病毒接种疫苗


The Sinopharm vaccine comprises 2 doses,administered with an interval of 3 weeks. Please note that Precious Medical Centre accepts patients by appointment only.


  • $XX   (Single dose) 单剂

  • $XX (2nd dose) 两剂 

  • $21.40 (If Dr consult needed)  医生质询 (只限于疫苗事件)

* Prices include GST, Not Medisave Claimable, Not covered by Vaccine Injury Financial Assistance Programme (COVID-19) * 价格含消费税,  不能向医疗储蓄保险索赔, 也不能通过疫苗致伤援助计划索赔