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Digital Brain Function Test

In collaboration with Cognifyx.

Your Brain’s Health is sensitive to the health of every part of your body. This includes changes in your Blood Chemistry, the pumping of oxygen carrying blood from the Heart and Lungs, the clearing of toxins by the Liver and Kidney and even the state of your Microbiome. We can now do a Digital Check of your Brain’s Health which also reflects your Body’s Health.


01. Access Online
Your brain function test will be sent through an email weblink

02. Test Duration
Online test is straightforward, it may take 14-18 mins of your time.

03. Online Results
Results will be given by a Medical Doctor through a secured platform

04. Multilingual
This test is available in English, Chinese and Malay.

Meditating on the Beach
Brain health is about having a healthy lifestyle, reducing risk factors and keeping your mind active especially as you get older.
Take the Digital Brain Function Test as part of your annual health check at the comfort of your home

Cognifyx is a cognitive and behavioral science company.

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