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Full Body Medical Checkup in Singapore

Personalised Executive Health Screening

Executive Health Screening has become synonymous with Preventive Healthcare. In reality, everyone needs regular health checks from childhood, through our teenage years and into adulthood. At various stages of our life, different issues are important. The core of every health screening lies in the need to review the function of our heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and other organs.  Blood and urine tests are usually included in addition to a medical examination. X-rays,  scans and endoscopy may also be required. Conditions such as diabetes and hypertension if detected early are treatable. Depending on your age and risk profile, you may opt for additional tests such as a heart scan or an MRI to screen for fatty liver or strokes. There are also gender specific tests such as breast screening and Pap smear for females, and prostate screening for males.

What are Executive Health Screening Packages?

Regular preventive health checks should begin from childhood and continue throughout life. At our Executive Health Screening Centre, we customise our health screening packages according to age, gender, personal and family medical history, risk factors and health concerns. Our team of healthcare professionals will provide personalised attention and help you feel at ease throughout your visit.

Modern technology has made available an extensive range of laboratory tests which can help us assess the risk of many medical conditions from major diseases like heart disease or cancer, to age-related hormonal changes and even food allergies.  Our consultants will advise you on the most appropriate test for you.  As we are co-located with a diagnostic imaging and day surgery centre, we are able to provide one-stop health screening including medical scans and endoscopy. 

At Precious Medical Centre Singapore, we provide an extensive range of full body check up packages that cover all your health and medical needs. Choose from Executive, Executive Plus and Premier health screening packages that best meet your needs. A detailed medical report will be provided, and X-rays and scans are available on-line for you to share with doctors of your choice. If required, we can arrange for our panel of medical specialists to review and manage any condition detected as soon as possible.

Executive health screening packages Precious Med Singapore

Pre-Screening Instructions

Your health screening appointment is normally scheduled in the morning. Please fast from 10pm the night before. You should continue to drink plain water as per normal. If you have medication to be taken in the morning, please delay it and take it after the blood samples are taken.

Recommended things to bring for your health screening appointment

  • Past medical reports, scan results and medication

  • Identification documents for registration (ie. NRIC, passport, company’s letter or staff pass)

  • Spectacles for vision tests (Do not put on contact lenses for appointment)

  • Sports attire for those participating in the treadmill stress ECG test

Important things to note during your visit:

  • Do not wear any contact lens on screening

  • Do not apply creams and moisturizers on your body

  • Fast for at least 8 hours before screening, you may only drink plain water

  • If you are feeling unwell, kindly contact our clinic to reschedule your screening

  • Do not consume diabetic medication until after breakfast

  • Consume regular chronic medication

  • Do not wear tight fitting clothes if you are scheduled for a mammogram or PAP smear (for females)

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