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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scan Singapore

What is an MRI Scan? 

MRIs are technologically advanced scans which utilise magnetic waves to produce very clear and accurate images of the internal structures of our body without the use of radiation. 


Important structures that can be visualised include our brain, spine, blood vessels, bone and joints.  In addition, an MRI scan also produces clear images of our abdominal organs including our liver and pancreas. It can even record images of our heart in function.

MRI scan Precious Med Singapore

Why do you need an MRI scan?

Head and Neck: 

MRI of the brain can detect abnormalities, tumours, strokes and even weaknesses, blockages  or narrowing of the blood vessels supplying the brain. It can also detect changes due to dementia and other diseases.

An MRI scan produces superior images in imaging soft tissues as compared to other imaging modalities. Hence, MRI is widely used in diagnosing various diseases and disorders related to:

Back, Spine, Muscles and Joints:

MRI can detect changes in the muscles and bone which form part of the skeletal support of our body.  Over time, due to regular wear and tear, ageing or sports injuries, degenerative changes to our joints occur. The nerves of our spine may also get compressed or pinched causing tissue inflammation or plain. Fractures or dislocations may also happen as a result of trauma.  Your doctor will recommend the most appropriate imaging scan for your condition.

Body Imaging:

MRI enables clear images of our internal organs of our body such as our liver, kidney, spleen, pancreas, gall bladder, kidney, bladder and our reproductive organs. It can even give clear images of our heart in function. Recent advances in computer algorithms have also allowed colour renditions of our liver, pancreas and gall bladder and can even detect percentage of fat  and initial inflammatory changes in our liver .

What to expect in an MRI scan in SIngapore?

Before the MRI

Please inform our radiographer if:

  • You have any medical devices in your body such as implants, cardiac pacemaker, defibrillator or pumps. Let us know also if you have staples, screws, rods or plates as some of these can interfere with the MRI. We will need to verify details of your implants and other devices. Bring along any information you may have on the implant or device. Please inform us if you are pregnant or suspect that you might be pregnant.

  • You have fear of confined spaces or previous negative experiences with MRI's. We might be able to provide you with a mild sedative to help you relax before the scan. Please inform us when making an appointment so that we can take the appropriate measures. You will need to fast for 6 hours if sedation or scans of the abdomen are required.

The Procedure

The radiographer will carefully explain to you the instructions you will need to follow.  We will position you on the scanning bed, and provide you will headphones to reduce the background noise during the scan and to help you relax.  The part of the body that is being scanned will be covered by a coil to receive the signals from the MRI.  The bed you are lying on will move in and out of  the magnet tunnel during the scan.  A call bell will also be provided in case you need to call the radiographer during the scan.  You are able to speak to him once you have pressed the call button.

After the MRI

You may leave immediately after the MRI scan and go about your day as usual unless you take a sedative in which case you should rest for at least one hour after the scan, or when you have fully recovered from the effects of the medication.

Why choose Precious Medical for your MRI scan in Singapore?

Our centre has 2 MRI's including a wide-bore tunnel which is suitable for patients who have claustrophobia. Our staff are trained to help reduce any stress you may have. An MRI scan is painless and non-invasive and is a very accurate diagnostic tool for evaluating a wide range of medical conditions.

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