Suitable for men 40 years and above, at higher disease risk due to genetics, lifestyle, or environment


Package includes:


Clinic Examination


BMI, Blood Pressure Readings, Resting Electrocardiogram (Heart Rhythm), Spirometry (Lung Function), Vision Test, 24 hour Blood Pressure Monitoring, Treadmill, Tonometry (Glaucoma), 2D Echocardiogram, Eye Disease Screen, Nasoendoscopy




X-Ray Chest, Ultrasound Abdomen, Pelvis & Carotid, CT Angiogram & Calcium Score, Ultrasound Thyroid, Bone Mineral Densitometry


Laboratory Investigations


Blood Biochemistry, Blood Sugar & Choesterol Levels, Full Blood Count, Gout Screen, Hepatitis A& B, Kidney, Liver & Thyroid Function, Sexually Transmitted Disease, Urinalysis & Stool Occult Blood


HsCRP (Cardic Marker), HbA1c (Diabetes), Hepatitis C, Free T3 (Thyroid), H-Pylori (Stomach), Tumour Markers: AFP (Liver), CEA (Lung/Colon), CA 125 (Ovary)


Anaemia Screen, Autoimmune Markers, Stress & Ageing Markers, Tumour Markers, Urea Breath Test, Vitamin D


Dental Checkup with Panoromic X Ray

Women's Extensive

Additional Tests
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