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有机芦荟凝胶基质中混合了从水果中天然提取的酶、肽和干细胞,有助于重新平衡、再生和恢复皮肤,以保持年轻。然后涂上保湿平衡面膜,用有机绿茶和其他抗氧化剂舒缓和沐浴皮肤。 适合非常敏感、干燥、受刺激的皮肤,甚至孕妇。

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The procedure is generally safe and effective, with minimal downtime and few side effects. However, it is important to consult with a licensed and experienced practitioner to determine if it is the right treatment for your skin type and concerns.

  1. Cleansing: The skin is first thoroughly cleaned and prepped for the treatment.

  2. Application of carbon solution: A layer of carbon solution is then applied to the skin, which penetrates deep into the pores and adheres to any impurities and dead skin cells.

  3. Laser treatment: A laser is then used to heat and vaporize the carbon particles, which help to remove the impurities from the skin's surface. The laser also stimulates collagen production, which helps to improve the skin's texture and firmness.

  4. Removal of carbon: Once the laser treatment is complete, the carbon particles are removed from the skin using a gentle cleansing process.

  5. Post-treatment care: After the procedure, a moisturizer and sunscreen are applied to the skin to protect and soothe it. Patients are advised to avoid direct sunlight and excessive heat for a few days after the treatment.

The entire process typically takes about 30 minutes, and patients can return to their normal activities immediately after the procedure. The results of carbon laser skin treatment are typically visible immediately, and the skin will continue to improve over time as collagen production increases.



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