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Clinic Management Software

Link Doctor (CMS) is a cloud-based clinic management system that gives healthcare providers all the tools they need to run their clinics on a daily basis. It is a single platform that improves patient engagement, simplifies administrative tasks, and streamlines clinical workflows. Link Doctor CMS is a powerful and easy-to-use clinic management system that provides healthcare service providers with a comprehensive set of tools. It can also assist in streamlining operations and improving patient experience, regardless of whether you operate a large healthcare facility or a small clinic.

Link Doctor (CMS) Features:

  • Patient Medical History & Records: Makes it possible for healthcare providers to keep up-to-date electronic medical records of patients. These records can include information about the patient's demographics, medical history, medications taken, lab results, and other clinical data. The system's electronic medical record (EMR) module is made to be simple and easy to use, making patient date accessible quickly and effectively.

  • Booking and Scheduling: Appointment scheduling module provides a variety of tools for scheduling appointments, such as online booking, appointment reminders, and management of waiting lists. Through the clinic's website, patients can easily schedule appointments  anytime anywhere.

  • Radiology Results Integration Quick access to Imaging scans and reports, enhancing patient care quality and timeliness. Medical services suppliers can rapidly audit and decipher the outcomes, prompting a swift analysis and therapy. The integration of radiology results with Link Doctor makes communication between the radiology department and healthcare providers faster and easier.

  • Blood Test Results Integration: The integration of blood test results into the patient's medical record is one of the advantages of the system. This incorporation permits medical services suppliers to rapidly and effectively access blood test results, working on persistent consideration and correspondence between medical services suppliers.

  • Inventory Management: An integrated Inventory Management module is one of our clinic management system's most important features. Healthcare providers are able to effectively manage their inventory levels, ensuring that essential medical supplies are always in-stock and updated.

  • Analytics and Reporting: The system analytics and reporting module offers real-time insights into the clinic's performance, such as patient volume, revenue, and clinical outcomes. Suppliers can utilise this information to settle on informed choices and work on persistent consideration.

  • Telemedicine: Provides a telemedicine module that enables physicians to provide patients with remote consultations. Patients can easily access care from anywhere thanks to the module's support for secure messaging, file sharing, and video conferencing.

  • Doctor Referral System: Referral system tool for healthcare facilities and providers who want to raise the level of care they give their patients. This system has powerful features and an easy-to-use interface that can help make the referral process easier and ensure that patients get the care they need quickly and effectively.

  • Queue System: A queue system can be integrated with Link Doctors to further improve patient flow, efficiency, communication, patient management, and cost savings.

  • Medical Certification: Produces a digital Medical Certificate of the patient that can be printed or shared via email. it also eliminates the need for physical paperwork and storage, making the process more eco-friendly.

  • WhatsApp integration: Healthcare providers are able to send automated appointment reminders, prescription alerts, and test results directly to their patients' mobile phones through the integration of WhatsApp messaging services into the Link Doctor's Clinic Management system. WhatsApp can also be used by patients to schedule appointments, ask questions, and get information about their health.

Key Benefits


Helps streamline clinical workflows and simplifies administrative tasks, reducing the time and effort required to manage clinic operations.

Patient Engagement

Patient portal allows patients to access their medical records, book appointments, and communicate with respective providers, enabling a better patient engagement experience.


Billing and claims management module helps providers generate accurate invoices and process payments quickly, reducing the risk of revenue leakage.


Reporting & analytics module provides real-time financial / operational insights allowing to identify areas for improvement and deliver better patient care.

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