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Precious Surgery Centre for Endoscopy

We are a certified Day Surgical Centre in Singapore with two lead-lined operating theatres and an endoscopy suite. We also have a dedicated GA/ IV sedation operating  theatre  for General and Paediatric Dentistry, fully equipped with a dental chair and intraoral X-rays.


Our nurses are experienced and can support a wide range of surgical procedures for endoscopy. We also have nurses specifically trained to assist in anaesthesia and recovery to ensure patient safety and optimal care. Precious Surgery Centre offers a private and welcoming atmosphere for your patient.


We are committed to ensuring their comfort and well-being while paying close heed to high standards of infection control and sterility.

operating theatre for endoscopy
operating theatre for endoscopy Singapore
Safety | Affordability Patient-Centred

For Patients

Day surgery is an efficient, convenient and cost-effective alternative to hospitalisation, which allows patients to return home on the same day. We provide surgeons and patients convenient, spacious and modern facilities for day surgeries and outpatient procedures.


Our centre offers a sterile environment for surgery as well as a private and welcoming atmosphere for patient comfort.

General Surgery Operating Theatres

Our three operating theatres and endoscopy room are available for a wide range of procedures in various subspecialties under general anaesthesia or intravenous sedation. Available surgical areas:

  • Endoscopy

  • ENT Surgery

  • Eye Surgery

  • General Surgery

  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology

  • Oral & Dental Surgery

  • Orthopaedics

  • Plastic Surgery

  • Pain Management

  • Urology

Accredited Doctors: For more information on appointments, please contact the specialist directly or call +65 8777 2688 for assistance


  • Dr Adrian Siew Ming Saurajen

  • Dr Tan Nam Guan


  • Dr Lai Wai Kwan

  • Dr Mark Fernandes

  • Dr Quan Wai Leong

  • Dr Thwin Maung Aye


  • Dr Lim Teck Hock Dennis

  • Dr Peter Goh Min Yih

  • Dr Tan Choon Heng John

  • Dr Wong Nan Yaw

  • Dr. Tan Chuan Chien



  • Dr Chee Kin Ghee

  • Dr Jonathan Lee

  • Dr Yeo Chong Jin


  • Dr Lewis Lee

  • Dr Noah Teo

  • Dr Stephanie Salanitri

  • Dr William Chong


  • Dr Chan Ying Ho Henry

  • Dr Kanwaljit Kaur

  • Dr Tan Sok Chuen

  • Dr Tony Setiobudi

  • Dr Yeo Khee Quan

  • Dr Yung Wai Yin Ambrose

  • Dr Yung Shing Wai


  • Dr Kenneth Sheah


  • Dr Tan Hsien Liang Terence


  • Dr Khoo Kian Ming Andrew

  • Dr Leo Kah Woon

  • Dr Yeow Kok Leng Vincent


  • Michael Wong Yuet Chen

recovery area fir endoscopy
Precious Med endoscopy Singapore


Endoscopy is a procedure in which a thin flexible instrument with an attached mini-video camera (an endoscope) is used to visualise the  insides of your digestive system. The specialist will first help you relax by giving you some medication through an injection in the arm before insertion the scope either through your mouth or anus.  You will be comfortable as you will be sedated throughout the entire procedure. 

Purpose of Endoscopy

Having a clear view will enable the specialist to decide if further treatment is necessary. At the same time a sample of tissue can be taken for examination (a biopsy) and small lumps called polyps can also be removed, if necessary, at the same seating.


Gastroscopy involves the use of a thin fibre-optic scope to examine the food pipe, stomach and the first segment of the small intestine for ulcers and inflammations. The procedure is painless as you will be sedated. More importantly, it can also detect the presence of Helicobacter pylori, a bacteria known to increase the risk of stomach cancer without showing any symptoms. If the bacteria is detected, it can be eradicated with a course of antibiotics.


Colonoscopy uses a thin fibreoptic scope to examine the entire large intestine. There is no pain or discomfort as you will be sedated. Screening for colon cancer is recommended at the age of 50 or even earlier, if you have a family history of colorectal cancer. It is safe and accurate, and can at the same time remove suspicious polyps for biopsy unlike alternatives like CT scans or stool occult blood tests. Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy are commonly done together as a day procedure without the need for hospitalisation. Both are Medisave claimable and are covered by most medical insurances. Financial counselling will be provided during consultation.

Endoscopy Procedure

Endoscopy Pre-Surgery

Most procedures require fasting for 6-8 hours but you may drink water until 2 hours before surgery. Do follow your doctor’s advice regarding your regular medication.

During Admission

  • Our staff will assist you to register and confirm your medical history.

  • They will provide financial counselling and assist with Medisave/insurance claims.

  • You may then proceed to the change area to prepare for the procedure.

  • Feel free to ask our friendly medical staff if you have any further questions.

Endoscopy Post-Surgery

After the surgery, our nurses will monitor and assist you until you are ready to be discharged. Please ensure that you have someone to accompany you home.

Home Recovery

  • Avoid driving, cycling, operating machinery, signing legal documents or making important personal or business decisions in the first 24 hours.

  • Rest and take medications as instructed and avoid alcohol.

  • Contact your Doctor's Clinic if you feel pain or discomfort, or if you have unusual bleeding oran allergic reaction to the medications.