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Full Body Medical Checkup in Singapore

Men's Health Screening

HS Package

Health Screening Packages:






While advances in medicine have improved longevity, it is useful to know the common ailments at various stages of our lives. An annual health check can detect abnormal changes. We provide health screening for men in Singapore with focus on the common health risks that men are prone to. Those with higher risk factors should screen for specific diseases more frequently.


20's - 30's

Health screening is advised, especially if you have a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Lifestyle concerns include prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.



Screen for major illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and lung cancer. Note that many diseases have been shown to be linked to lack of exercise, poor diet and weight gain.



The risks of colorectal and prostate cancer, as well as age-related eye diseases increase. Speak to your doctor on issues such as erectile dysfunction. Osteoporosis can also be a concern.



Continue with annual check-ups and keep an active lifestyle to reduce the likelihood of dementia and depression. Smokers should have an ultrasound of the abdominal aorta. Ask about vaccinations for influenza, shingles and pneumococcal disease.

men health screening

If you are at a higher risk of a particular disease due to genetics, environment or lifestyle, additional test for that disease may be required. We offer focused health screening for men in Singapore for many illnesses that may not show any signs or symptoms until they progress. Regular check-ups are advised to avoid complications.

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