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Full Body Medical Checkup in Singapore

Women's Health Screening

Importance of Women's Health Screening

The modern woman often needs to juggle multiple roles, balancing work and family commitments so much so that "self" is often neglected.  But to be able to be in the pink of health, there is a need for regular check-ups. These include breast self-examination and PAP smears from your early twenties, mammograms in your forties, as well as conditions affecting your menstrual cycle.  In addition general health checks for other conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure are also important, especially as we age.


Not all conditions present as pain. Going for an annual check-up if you have any issues which concern you. Early detection and intervention will result in better outcome.  Speak to our consultants regarding the different recomendations for various phases in your life. 

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While advances in medicine have improved longevity, it is useful to know the common ailments at various stages of our lives. An annual health check can detect abnormal changes. We provide health screening for women in Singapore with focus on the common health risks that women are prone to. Those with higher risk factors should screen for specific diseases more frequently.


20's - 30's

Health checks, including screening for cervical cancer, are important for women in their 20’s and 30’s. Lifestyle issues such as weight management and pre-conception should also be addressed.



Breast cancer rate increases in women in their 40’s and annual screening is recommended. Early detection is important and possible via mammogram screening and breast ultrasound in Singapore. Diabetes and hypertension are of concern, as well as pre-menopausal, aging and hormonal issues.



The risk of heart disease, colorectal cancer and osteoporosis increases. Screen for heart disease. Colonoscopy, bone density assessment and test for age related eye disease are recommended.



Continue with annual check-ups and keep an active lifestyle to reduce likelihood of dementia and depression. Ask about vaccinations for influenza, shingles and pneumococcal disease.

Women’s Health Screening in Singapore

If you are at a higher risk of a particular disease due to genetics, environment or lifestyle, additional test for that disease may be required. We offer focused health screening for women in Singapore for many illnesses that may not show any signs or symptoms until they progress. Regular check-ups are advised to avoid complications.


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