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MiraDry® is a non-invasive treatment that uses microwave energy to target and destroy sweat and odor glands in your underarm. The electromagnetic energy from the machine penetrates through the skin into the sweat glands below and is converted to heat energy that eliminates the sweat glands. This is a permanent process as once the glands are destroyed they do not grow back.


An anaesthetic cream is used to numb the area before treatment, but you may experience discomfort in your armpits for several days after treatment, although you are able to return to work or resume regular activity immediately. Exercise and vigorous activity should be avoided for the first three days to give the area time to heal. While there have been no reports of permanent side effects, some patients experience short-term altered sensation in the skin of their underarms or upper arms, which gradually disappears.”


Data from the University of British Columbia, showed that MiraDry was successful in reducing underarm sweat in over 90 percent of patients with a reported average sweat reduction of 82 percent. 


  1. Consultation: Before undergoing MiraDry treatment, you will have a consultation with a qualified healthcare provider to assess your eligibility for the procedure, discuss your medical history, and answer any questions you may have.

  2. Preparation: On the day of your procedure, your healthcare provider will clean and mark the treatment area. You will be given a local anesthetic to numb the area and minimize discomfort during the procedure.

  3. Treatment: Once the area is numb, the MiraDry device will be placed on the skin and activated. The device uses electromagnetic energy to heat and destroy the sweat and odor glands in the underarm area. The treatment typically takes about one hour to complete.

  4. Recovery: After the procedure, you may experience some swelling, soreness, and bruising in the treated area. Your healthcare provider may recommend using ice packs or over-the-counter pain medication to manage these symptoms. You should avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for several days after the procedure.

  5. Results: Most patients experience a significant reduction in underarm sweat and odor after just one MiraDry treatment. However, some patients may require a second treatment to achieve optimal results. The effects of MiraDry treatment are long-lasting and may last for several years.


It is important to note that MiraDry treatment is not suitable for everyone. Your healthcare provider will assess your eligibility for the procedure and recommend the best treatment option for your individual needs.


Individuals who have a problem with overly sweaty underarms will greatly appreciate this treatment and results can be seen after just one or two visits.  As the sweat glands do not grow back, the results last. However, speak with our doctors to determine if the treatment is suitable for you. In addition to destroying sweat glands, miraDry has also been proven to eliminate odor-causing glands in the underarms, making it the first FDA-cleared device available to halt unwanted underarm sweat and hair growth while also eliminating odor-producing glands.

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