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Pre-event Testing

Antigen Rapid Test (ART)

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Precious Medical Centre
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Pacific Medical Clinic & Precious Medical Centre are wholly owned subsidiaries of Precious Specialist Centre Pte Ltd. This service is provided in collaboration with iGene Laboratory and Parkway Laboratory Services

Antigen Rapid Test (ART) are simple self-test kits which can be bought in many pharmacies for individuals who are worried that they may have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus.  It is a quick test and you can obtain results in only 20 minutes.

If the ART result is positive, a PCR test will be compulsory and will be performed within 72 hours. You will have to self-isolate yourself before and after the PCR test is done, until your result is out. We can do the PCR test for you immediately in the clinic, should your ART test result be positive.

Pre-Event Testing (PET)

The ART results for pre-event testing are valid only for 24 hours. Please ensure that you arrive for your testing within 24 hours of the entire duration of your event/activity. For example if your event is from 9am to 4pm on Thursday, you should come for your ART no earlier than 4pm on Wednesday, the day before. ART results will not be eligible to be used for pre-departure screening. The usual PCR test is still required for pre-departure screening.

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Worked examples for when an attendee/patron should be tested

Antigen Rapid Test (ART) is available at Precious Medical Centre, as approved by the Ministry of Health (MOH). ART test is available at $32 (inclusive of GST).  We perform tests on adults and children of all ages. You maybe required to consult a doctor before taking the test, please call our clinics directly to book an appointment.

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