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Protect Yourself From COVID-19
Get Vaccinated, Serology Tests Available

Precious Medical is currently providing Sinovac vaccines under the special access route. The cost of each dose is $70 (GST included) if it is your personal choice but is free for eligible residents and long-term pass holders.

Effective 21/12/2021, we will be providing the vaccine free only to qualified residents and long-term pass holders under the National Vaccination Programme. If you have pre-paid for the the Sinovac vaccine, please return to the clinic by 20/12/2021 to receive your immunisation.


Our associated clinic, Pacific Medical Clinic which is also located on level 12 of Paragon will continue to provide Sinopharm @$55 per dose (GST included) to private fee-paying patients.


In addition, if you want to test your level of immune response and possibly vaccine protection, you may do Serology tests for your "S" antibodies, or the cPass™ which tests for neutralizing antibodies. Call us directly at 6708 8000 for enquiries and bookings.

SINOVAC VACCINE: Call 1800-333 9999 To Book with MOH