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Pre-Departure COVID-19 Tests
• PCR Swab • Blood Serology 

Precious Medical Centre
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Pacific Medical Clinic & Precious Medical Centre are wholly owned subsidiaries of Precious Specialist Centre Pte Ltd. This service is provided in collaboration with iGene Laboratory and Parkway Laboratory Services

What to expect

  • Present yourself at our clinic 48 - 72 hours before departure (Different countries different rules).

  • Note that different countries have different requirements for its citizens and these may change from time to time.

  • You are responsible to ensure that your passport and all travel documentations are in order.

  • Pre-Departure Test (PCR) fee for All Countries excluding China is $200 (GST included).

  • With effect from 1 November 2021, additional conditions for Pre-Departure to China Required:

    • China requires PCR + Serology to be done only at selected centres only (Cannot do at Precious)
      中国要求仅在特定的诊所进行 PCR + 血清学检查(不能在 Precious 进行)

    • China requires a 2nd PCR on same day at a different clinic (available at Precious for $200 GST included)
      中国同时要求在同一天在不同的诊所进行第二次 PCR(Precious 提供, $200 包含GST)


Required Documents:

  1. Identity card and passport (for travellers)

  2. Soft copy booking reference showing your departure flight timing

You will receive your results between 24 hours - 36 hours after the test via email.

您将在测试后 24 小时至 36 小时之间通过电子邮件收到结果
You will need to submit the test results online to the airline/ embassy


You may also wish to print a hard copy and bring the memo overseas (advisable)


Covid-19 Travel Swab Info

  1. Our clinic is authorised to conduct pre-departure tests for Covid-19 including PCR swabs and blood serology/ antibody tests. 本诊所被列为卫生部所批准的可以进行离境前新冠测试的诊所之一,这包括Covid-19新冠PCR测试 和血清抗体检测。

  2. Please ensure enough time before your flight to avoid unnecessary stress or delay..  您应该根据入境地测试有效时段进行预约,避免带来不必要的延误。

  3. Cost 费用

    • Pre-departure PCR Swab test           $200
      (If urgent result in 8 hrs required)     $380

    • Fit for travel memo from Doctor        $  30

      All prices are inclusive of GST.  全部费用包含消费税


  4. You will receive an email and a notarised digital certificate/ QR code 24-36 hours after the test. 通常诊所会在测试的24至36小时内通过电子邮件发公证的数字证书/QR码的形式返回结果。

  5. Submission to the airline or embassy (as required) remains your sole responsibility. 你必须自己出示出发前 Covid-19 检测证明给航空公司或大使馆查验。

For enquiries please email 想要了解更多/质询,请发送电子邮件至:

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