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Serology 血清学检测

What Are Serology Tests?
Serology tests are specialised blood tests that can detect the antibodies which our body generate as part of our immune response.  While our immune system is complex and many factors team up as part of our total defence system, serology remains the practical measurable solution to estimate the strength of our defence against COVID-19 virus.


血清学测试是检测身体的血液测试,可以检测我们身体在免疫反应中产生的抗体。虽然我们的免疫系统很复杂,而且许多因素共同构成我们整体防御系统的一部分,但血清学仍然是评估我们对 COVID-19 病毒防御强度的实用可衡量解决方案。

Different Types of Antibodies
When challenged by a virus, our body produces antibodies and other types of protective cells. While the presence of N antibodies or the quantity of S antibodies alone does not indicate that the person is immune against infection, it does provide a sense of how our body has responded or is still responding to the vaccine. In addition, a specific type of antibodies that can block viral entry, called neutralizing antibodies (NAb), has been shown to be a good correlate of immune protection.


当我们的身体接触到病毒时,我们的防御或免疫系统会通过产生各种称为抗体的保护性蛋白质以及其他保护性细胞来自然地做出反应。虽然 N 抗体的存在或 S 抗体的数量本身并不表明该人对感染具有免疫力,但它确实提供了我们的身体对疫苗的反应或仍然对疫苗有反应。
另一种可以阻止病毒进入的特定类型的抗体称为中和抗体 (NAb) ,它已被证明是免疫保护的良好关联物。

Serology tests are useful tools to assess our immune response to the vaccines. While serology guides major pharmaceutical companies when designing vaccine protocols or making vaccine recommendations at the population level designing, it can also shed light for our individual decision making process too.



Available Serology Tests 血清学测试服务

Anti-N: tests for antibodies against “N” protein unique to the SARS-CoV-2 virus / inactivated vaccine.

  • Can tell if your body mounted a wide spectrum antibody response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus / inactivated vaccine (Sinovac or Sinopharm)

  • If you were infected by SARS-CoV-2 virus for individuals who received mRNA vaccine

Anti-N:检测针对 SARS-CoV-2 病毒/灭活疫苗特有的“N”蛋白的抗体。

  • 可以判断您的身体是否对 SARS-CoV-2 病毒/灭活疫苗(科兴或国药)产生了广谱抗体反应

  • 如果您因接种 mRNA 疫苗的个体感染了 SARS-CoV-2 病毒

Anti-S: measures total antibodies against the "Spike" or "S" antigen.

  • How successful our immune system reacted to the "S" protein antigen

  • Anti-"S" is ability of individual to mount antibodies to recognize "S" antigen of SARS-CoV-2 virus or COVID-19 vaccines


  • 我们的免疫系统对“S”蛋白抗原的反应有多成功

  • 抗“S”是个体产生抗体以识别 SARS-CoV-2 病毒或 COVID-19 疫苗的“S”抗原的能力

cPass™️: test for presence of neutralizing antibodies that can block virus entry into our cells.

  • Neutralizing antibodies can be first line immune defense to prevent infection

  • Neutralizing antibodies are widely accepted as a good correlate of vaccine protection


  • 中和抗体可以作为预防感染的第一线免疫防御

  • 中和抗体被广泛接受为疫苗保护的良好关联物

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