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Dr Joey Donovan


Dr Joey Donovan graduated with an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Surgery from the National University of Ireland, followed by a certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and most recently a Doctorate in Clinical Dentistry in Orthodontics from the same University. He has also been awarded a Diploma of Membership in Orthodontics from the Royal College of Surgeons in England. He won multiple awards along this journey, including four College of Medicine and Health scholarships, the prestigious HH Stewart Scholarship, Tony Costello Medal, Irish Faculty of Primary Dental Care Bursary Award, Irish Endodontic Society Prize, as well as prizes in Restorative Dentistry, Pharmacology, Oral Surgery and Orthodontics.

Dr Joey limits his practice exclusively to orthodontics. He provides a full range of orthodontic services from straightforward treatments to complex surgical cases. He is proficient in the use of all types of orthodontic appliances, including clear aligners, growth modification appliances, as well as traditional metal, self-ligating and ceramic braces.

He is particularly keen on interceptive and growth treatments for younger children and adolescents. Educating and encouraging parents to bring their children to see an orthodontist early is important to him, as many orthodontic and related health problems can be solved much more easily during development. He uses appliances such as expanders, growth facemasks and functional appliances to improve growing children’s jaw function, breathing and appearance. He works closely with other paediatric specialists such as ENT and Children’s Dentists to ensure that simple problems are solved early and that the child is set up for a healthy future.

Dr Joey Donovan
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